Name: Discipline_FacetsVersion Id:
Description:The Discipline_Facets class contains the discipline-related search facets. It is required and may not be repeated. Note that Science_Facets was modeled with Discipline_Facets as a component and Discipline_Facets was modeled with Group_Facet1 and Group_Facet2 as components. This dependency hierarchy was flattened and only Science_Facets exists in the schema.
Namespace Id: pdsSteward: pdsRole: concreteStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Product_​Components :: Discipline_​Facets
 discipline_​name1..1Atmospheres, Fields, Flux Measurements, Geosciences, Imaging, Particles, Radio Science, Ring-Moon Systems, Small Bodies, Spectroscopy
Referenced from: Science_​Facets