Citing PDS3 Data

When using data which has been provided by PDS in publications and research, we encourage you to cite PDS as the data source.

If you need further guidance for citing a data source, please contact the PDS Operator at

Importance of Citing Data

Proper documentation of data sources is important in scientific research. Source checks are one of several methods for assessing the soundness of analyses and for extending the work reported. Should there be questions about methods or conclusions, unambiguous source information simplifies replication (and defense) of the initial report.

Identifying Specific PDS3 Data Products

When you are working on a publication or presentation and need to identify particular PDS3 data products that were used, it is recommended that you provide these two items so that users can easily locate the data:

Both of the above IDs are usually included in the PDS label; some older PDS data sets may not have a Product ID.

Acknowledging and Citing PDS3 Data

When referencing PDS data in publications or presentations, please provide an acknowledgment so that proper credit can be extended to NASA, its missions, science data providers, and/or their partners.

Examples are provided below for general acknowledgments, data set citations in a reference listing, and online web images and other data. General acknowledgments and web citations are appropriate for use on either a web page or in a presentation. The more formal reference citation should be used in a journal article.


A general statement crediting PDS for data, assistance, and/or review should be included in a paragraph at the end of an article. For example:

Acknowledgment of a PDS Discipline Node should be given if the node actively assisted in obtaining or using the data. Examples:

Reference citation

Reference citations for each data set are listed in the PDS catalog. References can be listed with or without authors. Author in the case of PDS references generally refers to the investigator. Details vary among journals; authors should follow specific instructions from publishers. For example:

For rules and more examples, see Chapter B.32 of Appendix B in the PDS Standards Reference.

PDS Web Citation

Citations for specific products can be included as URLs embedded in captions. For example:

More general web citations can include text and an embedded link to the source site. For example: