PDS3 Standards Reference

NOTICE: A revised Chapter 2 of the PDS Standards Reference, providing updated guidance on preparing cartographic data products is available here. (This document will soon be published as part of PDS Standards Reference, v3.8.)

The following is version 3.7 of the PDS Standards Reference, dated March 20, 2006.

* indicates a change in this part of document since the previous version dated August 1, 2003.

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Title Page*
Table of Contents*
Change Log*

Chapter 1 - Introduction*
Chapter 2 - Cartographic Standards -- WARNING: This chapter has been superseded as noted at the top of this page.
Chapter 3 - Data Type Values and Data File Storage Formats*
Chapter 4 - Data Objects and Products*
Chapter 5 - Data Product Labels*
Chapter 6 - Data Set/Data Set Collection Contents and Naming
Chapter 7 - Date/Time Format*
Chapter 8 - Directory Types and Naming*
Chapter 9 - Documents
Chapter 10 - File Specification and Naming*
Chapter 11 - Media Formats for Data Submission and Archive
Chapter 12 - Object Description Language (ODL) Specification and Usage*
Chapter 13 - PDS Objects*
Chapter 14 - Pointer Usage
Chapter 15 - Record Formats
Chapter 16 - SFDU Usage
Chapter 17 - Usage of N/A, UNK, and NULL
Chapter 18 - Units of Measurement
Chapter 19 - Volume Organization and Naming
Chapter 20 - (Zip Compression) is now included as section 6 of Appendix I (Data Compression Formats)*

Appendix A - Data Object Definitions*
Appendix B - Complete PDS Catalog Object Template Set*
Appendix C - Internal Representation of Data Types
Appendix D - Examples of Required Files*
Appendix E - NAIF Toolkit Directory Structure*
Appendix F - Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix G - SAVED Data
Appendix H - PDS Data Group Definitions *
Appendix I - Data Compression Formats *

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