This data set contains all of the data collected by the INCA sensor of the MIMI instrument aboard the Cassini spacecraft for the entire Cassini mission. INCA stands for Imaging Neutral Camera. See MANWEILERETAL2005

Citation Manweiler, J.W., W. Rasmuss, and S. Joy, CO-E/J/S/SW-MIMI-2-INCA-UNCALIB-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2005.
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Data Set Abstract The Cassini Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument(MIMI) Imaging Neutral Camera (INCA) uncalibrated data set includes all data collected from the MIMI Data Processing Unit during the mission. The original data has been decommutated and decoded by software at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and has been then further ordered and filtered by software at Fundamental Technologies, LLC. The data is provided in an uncalibrated form in conjunction with a PDS MIMI calibration volume COMIMI_0000 which provides specific algorithms for the derivation of calibrated data. This data set includes uncalibrated values of counts in the form of rates and of rate images for the INCA sensor for all times during the mission including the Earth flyby, the Jupiter flyby, interplanetary cruise, and the entire Saturn tour. Data are presented in a set of tables which are of variable length and use a comma to separate various fields. This data set is intended to be the most comprehensive and complete data set included in the Cassini MIMI INCA archive. A browse data set is included with Key Parameter data that is calibrated using the algorithms provided in the Calibration volume. In addition, a series of images are provided with the KP browse data that displays the KP data which can lead the user to the particular times of interest. This data set should be among the first used by a user of any of the MIMI INCA archive as it will lead one to information required to search for more detailed or highly specialized features in the original data.
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    Mission Information CASSINI-HUYGENS
    Data Set Information CO-E/J/S/SW-MIMI-2-INCA-UNCALIB-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information CO
    Instrument Information MIMI
    Target Information EARTH