This data set contains Galileo Star Scanner data (electron flux, 1.5 to 30 Mev) from Jupiter 0 Orbit through end of mission.

Citation Fieseler,P.D., GO JUP SSD DERIVED ELECTRON FLUX V1.0, GO-J-SSD-5-DDR-STAR-SENSOR-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2000
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.17189/1519686
Data Set Abstract The Galileo star scanner is providing data on the instantaneous flux of 1.5 to 30 MeV electrons in the Jovian environment. It is able to measure fluxes of ~1 x 105 electrons cm-2 sec-1 or greater which generally means the data are usable inside of about 12 and rarely as far out as 16.5 Jovian Radii (RJ). Typically, the data points are spaced about 400 or 80 seconds apart with infrequent periods of more rapid data depending upon the operational mode. It should be noted that data are generally accurate in time to only within 20 seconds without special processing. Pitch angle information generally cannot be extracted from this data set. Separate files exist for the Jovian insertion event (J0) and all subsequent perijove passes except J5 which occurred during a period of solar conjunction.
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    Additional Information
    Mission Information GALILEO
    Data Set Information GO-J-SSD-5-DDR-STAR-SENSOR-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information GO
    Instrument Information SSD
    Target Information IO PLASMA TORUS