Volume containing data from 'Cruise 4-1' and more specifically: 'Active Payload Checkout 8' (PC8) - 15/16/17-09-2007 and 24-09-2007

Citation A.Rotundi and the International GIADA Consortium, RO-X-GIA-2-CR4A-CRUISE4A-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2007.
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Data Set Abstract Payload Checkout 8 (PC8) was an active checkout where a target independent opportunity to perform interactive operations and request spacecraft pointing was given to all Rosetta payload t All Rosetta payload took part in this scenario.The Active Payl Checkout 8 ran for 2 consecutive days (05-06 July2008) plus 26 consecutive days starting on the 9th July 2008 until the 1st A 2008. This is approximately twice the allocated time of the ac PC6 scenario that preceded it. PC8 consists of two pha similar to the previous Passive Payload Checkouts the 2nd phas an active test; GD02 is a Non nominal operational configuratio test (Only Impact Sensor operational and cover closed), in GD0 we have successfully tested a non-standard configuration, in was a test to investigate interference from other instruments. Redundant I/Fs in sequence and executing similar procedures fo two cases. GD02, GD03 and GD_INT were executed only on Main I/ ADC counts to engineering values. The quality of the Housekeeping and Calibration data is good. Scientific data are due to noise, as no grain event is expected during this mission phase. These data must be only considered to evaluate GIADA behaviour and not as real scientific data. Data reported by GDS and IS are due to noise as no dust event is expected during this mission phase. MBS frequency changes, once normalized for frequency vs. temperature dependence, if present, are due to deposition of contaminants existing in the S/C environment. Housekeeping and Calibration data from all GIADA sub-systems are useful to evaluate instrument health and behaviour when compared with similar data acquired during other mission phases.
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