Name: Group_Facet1Version Id:
Description:The Group_Facet1 class contains a single facet restricted according to the value of discipline_name. It also contains zero or more subfacets restricted according to the value of the facet. Note that Science_Facets was modeled with Discipline_Facets as a component and Discipline_Facets was modeled with Group_Facet1 and Group_Facet2 as components. This dependency hierarchy was flattened and only Science_Facets exists in the schema.
Namespace Id: pdsSteward: pdsRole: concreteStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Tagged_​NonDigital_​Object :: Product_​Components :: Group_​Facet1
 facet10..12D, Color, Color Movie, Dust Study, Dynamical Properties, Electric, Electrons, Gas Study, Grayscale, Historical Reference, Ions, Lightcurve, Linear, Magnetic, Meteoritics, Meteorology, Movie, Neutrals, Photometry, Physical Properties, Polarimetry, Production Rates, Ring Compositional Map, Ring Occultation Profile, Ring Thermal Map, Satellite Astrometry, Shape Model, Spectral Cube, Spectral Image, Structure, Tabulated, Taxonomy
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Referenced from: Discipline_​Facets