Name: Group_Facet2Version Id:
Description:The Group_Facet2 class contains a single facet restricted according to the value of discipline_name. It also contains zero or more subfacets restricted according to the value of the facet. Note that Science_Facets was modeled with Discipline_Facets as a component and Discipline_Facets was modeled with Group_Facet1 and Group_Facet2 as components. This dependency hierarchy was flattened and only Science_Facets exists in the schema.
Namespace Id: pdsSteward: pdsRole: concreteStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Tagged_​NonDigital_​Object :: Product_​Components :: Group_​Facet2
 facet20..1Background, Cosmic Ray, Energetic, Plasma, Solar Energetic, Waves
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Referenced from: Discipline_​Facets