Full resolution electric and magnetic wave spectra obtained by the Galileo PWS instrument at Jupiter. The data set includes the electric and magnetic field spectral densities in units of V**2/m**2/Hz and nT**2/Hz respectively.

Citation Gurnett, D.A., Kurth, W.S., Granroth, L.J., GO J PWS REFORMATTED PLAYBACK SPECTRUM ANALYZER FULL V1.0, GO-J-PWS-2-REDR-LPW-SA-FULL-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 1997
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.17189/1519681
Data Set Abstract This data set includes full resolution electric and magnetic wave spectra from the Galileo plasma wave receiver recorded during Jupiter orbital operations. In addition waveform survey data (uncalibrated) and all instrument housekeeping data are included. The parameters provided for the electric field spectral data are uncalibrated data numbers. Software and calibration tables provided as part of this data set allow for fully calibrated data for the electric field measurements in raw data numbers, voltage at the antenna inputs (V), electric field (V/m), electric field spectral density (V**2/m**2/Hz), or power flux (W/m**2/Hz). The sources of these data are the High Frequency Receiver, Sweep Frequency Receiver, and Spectrum Analyzer which make up the Low Rate Science portion of the PWS.
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